Friday, June 12, 2009

Forest Fire

This was a bit of fun. I poured some liquid acrylics onto the canvas board.Allowed it to dry and then decided what I would create. The pour reminded me of the decorative Art Nouveau Style of painting, so I decided to go with that idea and made the image into trees.Australian gum tree saplings...and also a reminder of the beauty and the terror which can occur in nature.



Hi Sandra,
Great to see your latest painting. I admire your ability to be able to try different things and experiment. So exciting to see what you can create and glad it was ‘fun’ – just the ticket for you! Wink!
This does have an Art Nouveau style. It is striking and bold in colour and design.

Sandy said...

Hi Patricia..thanks for being the first to comment.
I think I need more "playtime". There are so many exciting and innovative approaches to the different art forms....

Petra Sohns Didion said...

Ahhhhhhhh you have such beautiful variety of techniques

I love it

Sandy said...

Thank you is good to get such comments.
I just can't help experimenting.