Monday, May 18, 2009

Pear Shaped

Another in the windowsill paintings , which seems to be developing into a series ...although in different mediums. These pears were picked and allowed to ripen indoors. The light at certain times of day really highlights what ever I have on the windowsill is always the light that attracts my attention.Light can transform the most ordinary subject into something special. Matisse Acrylics on Canvas board Size 60cm x 30cm


Ingrid Russell said...

The light is beautiful in this painting.


Hi Sandra,
I am loving this mini series of ‘windowsill paintings’ which are coming off your easel!
The pears are delightful all in a row, so simple yet effective and this composition lends itself brilliantly to those beautiful side shadows.
This capturing of ‘the light’ – la luce is definitely a forte of yours and is an attention grabber!
Brava and encore.

Nick said...

another beaut!

Sandy said...

Ingrid...thank you. The natural light coming through this window is always great...makes every thing look good.

Hi Patricia...thank you for your comments.
I love pear shapes! Painting pears is like painting the human figure.
And as I said to Ingrid, the light coming in this window is always enticing....making the most mundane something special.
Hi Nick! Great to see you! Thanks for your comment.
I noticed you have been having computer problems...hope all is well now.