Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Old Goulburn Bridge

This painting is another from my archives. This time an oil on canvas! The Goulburn River virtually circles our town. It is a very beautiful river, with plenty of fish and river crays. My husband was a keen fisherman and loved fishing this river. The bridge is very old (mid to late 1800's)and needs much expensive is intended to keep it as part of the very popular walking track. Our local Art Society recently held an exhibition featuring paintings of this old bridge. We donated the proceeds towards it's renovation. It seems as though our efforts( and the efforts of many others in the community) was successful, and now, with extra money from the Shire and the government, this beautiful old structure will survive SOLD

Milby Park 1 and 2

I have been sorting through the archives of my older paintings ...all sold long ago. It is so good to have the photographs of these works, the memories of the times in the great out doors, painting 'en plein air', under difficult conditions of heat and wind ...sometimes a wandering snake...or two!! Lots of great company with friends with the same love of painting. SOLD