Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Don't Call Me Kitty!

Hazel is a cat that knows her own mind. She also knows how to get waited on hand and foot. Hazel doesn't suffer fools gladly. Watercolour on arches rough 300gsm Size: 36cm x 30cm


perugina said...

Dogs have masters.. Cats have staff! hehehe

Your watercolour of Hazel is just gorgeous plus! Gee there is a lot of work in this!
Hope Missy doesn't get too jealous - you will have to paint one of her now!
Hugs to you and the fur gang!
ps.. BTW great title! :)

Sandy said...

Hi Patricia...great to see you back!
Thanks for the lovely comments! Hazel sure is a wonderful addition to the household and doesn't mind sitting for a painting or a photograph.
Missy is not jealous....she is rapt in her new companion. They have a wonderful time chasing each other all over the house.However, Missy is on my list of subject matter.