Thursday, March 05, 2009


This is my first watercolour after a long break from painting. I am hoping that this will be the first of many more paintings. I usually work in a variety of media, not always watercolour! I am feeling very rusty and hesitant as to what directions I will take. However, just doing it is my first concern.



What a return Sandra!!!!
Red, luscious, vine ripened tomatoes… would make for a wonderful Italian sugosauce for pasta! It seems there is nothing you can’t turn your hand to. I must say I admire your skill in watercolour, particularly how you capture the light and shade – here it dances about this trio who although ‘picked’ are still basking in the sun. This makes me smile!
If this is what you can do after a break and feeling ‘rusty’ what glorious delights await? I will be waiting.
Brava as we say in Italian!
Giving you the biggest of (((HUGS)))

Sandy said...

Hi Patricia!It is so good to see you again!
It is great to be back into painting. I have a few new ideas and am rearing to go.
With support, such as that which you, give I am indeed, feeling very postive.
Thank you dear friend.

JJ said...

Sandy you did real good. Your painting really is wonderful, and belies the fact you are rusty. Now you have taken that first step, the next one will be easier. I know how hard it is to paint, when ones heart is not in it 100%. Hang in there. I can't wait to see what you do with Bruce's glass mugs and fruit. Is that groaning I hear? You should have heard me, I could have strangled him..;-)


Sandy Maudlin said...

Way to go! Great painting - so direct yet intriguing. Hope all's well in your drought stricken area.

Sandy said...

Thanks JJ... it is good to get such positive comments...I really am rusty, in work ethic as well as painting.I will just have to get back into a regular routine!

Sandy said...

Hi Sandy...thank you for your support....It is so good to be painting again!
Our drought stricken area is still dry. There seems to be little hope of any substantial relief....I think we are about nine years into this drought.

David Burge said...

Wow Sandy, these tomatoes are the cats whiskers...or was that PJ?. You've turned out a couple of terrific paintings here.
This one is a little gem of tone and colour.

Sandy said...

Thanks Dave! I think either 'whiskers or PJ's' will do very nicely!
I am getting into practise for those colours in the "red centre".
I'm sure that the whole experience, even from the luxury of "The Ghan," will be a wonderful riot of different from the eastern states.

Nick said...

Man, as Fast Eddy Felson said (last line of Color of Money): "I'm back!" This is great, the break has done you good, wunderbar!

Sandy said...

Hi... and thank you Nick!
I truly appreciate all the support I am getting from you and all.
I am a bit better set up now, and feeling ready to "go"