Friday, March 20, 2009

Meet Hazel

The newest addition to the Wilson household.
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Hi Sandra,
Hazel is just so so gorgeous. I can see by her face she is one content puss! Look at those smiling eyes - you know i adore cats!! I'm glad she had fitted in so well with Missy, and that you enjoy their antics. Hazel will enjoy her cat run and you will be at peace knowing she is safe.
Take care and hugs to you and the little furry ones!!!

Sandy said...

Patricia, she sure is you can see she is a little poser too!!
Missy and Hazel are so good is a delight to watch them.

Margaret Morgan said...

Sandra, she looks so cuddly and clean - well done! Marg.

Sandy said...

Hi Margaret!She is an absolute darling...I just love her to bits!