Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beating the Heat

I was looking through some images from the past few years and came across this one. I painted it about between eighteen months and two years ago.It is our elderly cat John, (since deceased). He was rushing indoors to get away from the was another total fireban day with fires close to where we live. Again, we are facing the same dangers, only much worse....our state is so dreadfully dry from the long drought conditions. The firefighters and other emergency services are doing a magnificent job against terrible odds....we are all on alert!



Sandra, you know you have me right from the get go with your watercolours and this one ever more so because it is a kitty one! Dear John cat… I remember that favourite one of mine which I posted on my blog last year! I am so concerned for your safety but I know that you will take the proper precautions. It has been a dreadful summer!
Take care and much love,

Sandy said...

Thank you for this post Patricia. Yes, John Cat was a big favourite in our household.
We all miss him, but nowdays, Hazel is making her presence felt...need I say more?
She has already earned a place in (family)history, and a painting is underway.
The fires are now well under control... thanks to the wonderful firefighters and a much needed cool change ..with rain!
You take care too....lots 'o love

David Burge said...

What a great composition. I love it Sandy!

Sandy said...

Thank you Dave! great to have you drop by!
Are you back home yet?