Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It has been sooo hot here today! It is 4pm. and it is still about 42 degrees. I stayed indoors with Missy (dog) and Hazel (kitty) they both lolled about while I painted the snow scene.I have just finished it! I have not been doing any painting for a few months and I feel very "rusty" (both mentally and physically)! This is one of a number of small paintings that I am doing in an attempt to get back to some serious painting. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Size: 25cm x 20cm
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Sandy Maudlin said...

Brrrr. Your painting really describes how cold it is up here in the states. Hope it cools off there soon.

Sandy said...

Hi Sandy...so good to 'see'you!
I don't think I would like it to get so cold here as it gets in the states...although we do have snow (but very occasionally ,where we live...like once in my lifetime!!)
More 40deg.c days are forecast this coming week...bad bushfire season!!


It has been extreme to say the least Sandra, even here in Sydney town -Phew!!!!! Staying indoors a very smart way to get through this heat if you have that luxury.
For someone who is rusty – I’d like you to flick some of that ‘rust’ over my way! LOL
I am very happy that you are doing these small paintings, a great way to get back into the ‘swing’ of things, I know only too well how passionate you are about your painting.
Your snow scene looks very cool and what I wouldn’t give to be there NOW!
Give that cheeky Missy and cute Hazel a cuddle for me!

Sandy said...

Hi Perugina..it is always nice to have you visit.
I really appreciate your support.
Missy and Hazel both love lots of cuddles...I will give them a special one from you.