Sunday, January 11, 2009

Because I have been away from painting for some months now, I thought I would start off with some small paintings...anything to get back to painting again. The Agapanthus (although a problem plant if not controlled) are rather beautiful. I love their stately elegance. Watercolour and gouache on gessoed Arches rough... 300gsm. Size: 27cm x 13cm
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Hi Sandra,
I love these flowers (knowing very well how they can become the invasive monsters they can be) and your painting of this single bloom is delightful - your colour choice is perfect.
I often cut one bloom down really short as I find it makes for an exceptional cut flower and an instant miniature bouquet in a small vase to adorn the dinner table or breakfast tray.

Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment Patricia...I love these monsters too!
That's a good idea using the head as a small arrangement! They are blooming well right now...I still have some left, I couldn't bear to take them all out.