Saturday, February 26, 2011


This painting was done some time ago. Jim was quite a bit younger and I had not long started painting again after years of working and raising a family. Oil on Canvas board Private Collection


Judy-Joy Bell said...

Handsome man. This is a fabulous painting, love the skin tones.

Sandy said...

Hi JJ! Thank you so much for the lovely comments.
You were quick! I have only just put these portraits up

Judy-Joy Bell said...

:-) I am on the ball, sometimes.

I have Google Reader.. ;-)


Candy said...

This is very nice. I can see how handsome Jim was in this portrait. Of course, I still like the one you posted awhile ago with his fishing hat, too.

Sandy said...

Google Reader? I must check it out!

Sandy said...

Thank you Candy.
Jim would have liked the 'fishing hat' one...he loved fishing ....most of our holidays were camping on the banks of the Murray River , trying to catch the elusive cod.

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