Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Model at the Beach

Watercolour from a lifedrawing session. The original drawing was transferred onto Arches rough 300gsm and then painted with a few embellishments (the towel)


perugina said...

Hi Sandra, love the renovations to the blog!
You are painting - Yay!
This definitely screams 'summer', unusual perspective and love the striped towel!

Sandy said...

Hi Patricia! Yes! I think it makes for a pleasant change....a bit like a spring clean!
Life drawing seems about the most consistent art I do these days, so I thought I would make use of some of them in paintings.

Nick said...

This is a great piece, Sandy! And the decorator did a nice job around here, very posh! Glad you're in the studio, and life drawing if probably the single best thing you can do overall to stay in shape.

Sandy said...

Hi Nick,Thanks for your comments, they are always very much appreciated.
Yes,I think a change is easy too...just a quick flick of the fingers.I wish housework was as easy!!

Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

Thank you is very nice to get your comments

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