Friday, January 22, 2010

Under the Old Avenel Bridge

This is a view from under the old stone bridge at Avenel , Victoria, Australia.The bridge was built by convict labour across the Hughes Creek which was on the main highway between Melbourne and Sydney. I used to live at Avenel as a child and spent many wonderful summer days playing along this creek and swimming in the deeper holes. Watercolour on gessoed Arches rough 300gsm.


David Burge said...

Hi Sandy, nicely painted with some sentimental attachment. There are some great old bridges made by the convicts around Australia. I remember painting one in Richmond, Tasmania many years ago.
Not dissimilar to this one by the look of it.
Is this on the Hume Hwy

Sandy said...

Hi David..thanks for your comments.You are right about the lovely, old convict built, bridges..they are in different areas of Victoria , Tasmania and Victoria...but mainly in the areas where the most early settlers first established themselves.
The new Hume Highway by passes Avenel now, so people need to know about this bridge ... if they want to see it.