Monday, January 11, 2010

Brooding Hills

This painting is from the same place as "Hills Near Euroa" But, this time it is painted in acrylic and on canvas. I made this one deliberately more moody than the watercolour version. These hills have a brooding quality. The mood changes all the time depending on the weather, light and the seasons.


Sandy Maudlin said...

I like that you changed the mood. Both paintings are inspiring. Someday I hope to head towards Australia and enjoy your part of the world. It looks so fascinating, especially seeing how you capture it with paint so well.

David Burge said...

I appreciate the atmosphere you speak of with these sort of subjects.
You've done these two nicely.

Sandy said...

Hi Sandy ...great to see you "dropping in" thank you for the great comment. It would be a pleasure to have you come visit Australia...I am sure you would find it a very interesting experience.

Hello Dave ...Thank you !I am a bit fond of these hills. When I was a child, our family farm was part of the eastern stretch ...great memories of an idyllic early childhood.