Friday, April 21, 2006

Dunes at Yambuk Vic.

This was painted some time back. I found it recently and decided it might be worth keeping. The day was blustery and cool. My husband was fishing on the beach ,so I took refuge in the sand dunes and did a couple of quick paintings. The other one was sold. Yambuck is on the south west coast of Victoria, Australia, not far from the historic and beautiful town of Port Fairy.
Private Collection


Frances Mackay said...

I'd like a photo of the other one too. This is shades of our childhood. Port Fairy is one of those places that has actually developed well. Is it ever NOT blustery on the west coast? Great stuff on this site Sandy. You capture water so well. The colours are very Victorian water too. Frances.

LadyBuggArtist said...

It's great to look back on previous works...especially one this nice. My first impression was that the wind was blowing, and you have captured that feeling really well.


Sandy said...

Hi Ladybuggartist!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments.
The wind was blowing ....gale force...I was happy to have those dunes that day.

Frances Mackay said...

time for more paintings. Be selfish. Your sister

Sandy said...

I,m trying. But there is so much else that takes my time.