Monday, December 05, 2005


Today, it is raining! It has been raining all day! I hope it rains quite a lot more and breaks the drought that has plagued our district for approximately ten years. This is a watercolour which I painted two years ago.It shows the effect of this current drought on one of our popular water resorts. The water has long gone and old drowned landscapes have emerged....dead gumtrees and in some places, the ghostly remains of early settlers dwellings. Eppalock is a lake near Bendigo, in central Victoria, Australia. It was a huge expanse of water. Originally a natural depression with a couple of minor rivers, it was dammed about fifty years ago and filled very quicly to create a sancturary for wild life, recreational waterway for Victorians for many years. This is how it looks today.


David said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES - I USE 'hELLO" FROM its free and comes with picasa - it makes uploading to the blog effortless, try it or contact me - do drop in either way,
love your writing style.

Sandy said...

Thank you David! It is nice to hear from you. Thank you for the supportive comments re paintings and writings.Thanks also for the info. re "hello" I can't seem to get it to work is probably me doing something wrong. I will keep practising.
Cheers Sandy

flicker said...

Well I recognise this dry and parched environment. Well done

Sandy said...

Thanks again! where do you live that you can recognise this?