Saturday, November 05, 2005

Is it Dinner Time Yet?

I am trying to post a picture so thought I would practise with this photo of our two pets

Who both feature in "Gypsy the Brave". Be patient.


Frances Mackay said...

That picture must be faulty. It wouldn't work on mine either. Can you re scan it? It is a lovely photo and deserves to be shown.

Sandy said...

Finally success is ours.

TeAnne said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for looking and commenting on my art.
I love this kitty :)
Your site is looking good :) Nice to meet you.

Sandy said...

Nice to meet you too TeAnne.
I Love the work you are doing too... it is really strong stuff....and dare i say it...has a beautifully quirky feel to it...very original!
My site needs lots of work but I don't seem to make enough time to get to learn how to use all the tools etc.