Sunday, June 26, 2011

Orange Poppies

Acrylic on canvas board. Size: 29cm x 25cm


Candy said...

The poppies are lovely!

Sandy said...

Hi Candy! Thank you!

Lina-Paola said...

Sandy, Poppies are my favorite flower, and you painted them beautifully! I especially love your colors choice for the background. I would have used a different color, maybe a greenish shade, but this piece works out great with that color. Keep up the good work!

Sandy said...

Thank you very much for your supportive comments Lina-Paola.

John O said...

It is a good representation of the poppie.

Sandy said...

Thank you John O!

ruzzel01 said...

No need for too much effort in designing these poppies for they are already natural beautiful.

Sandy said...

Very true ruzzel01!

tAbi Xd + pSyCh0. said...

Awesome.. I love all your work =)

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smith said...

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Sandy said...

Hi Smith! Thanks for visiting and thanks also for you lovely comment!

Rose said...
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