Sunday, April 04, 2010

Jugs and Flowers

The delft blue jug belonged to my mother. During WW2 she saved coupons from a company (maybe Cadbury Cocoa) When she had the required number, she was able to choose on item to a certain value.She chose this jug.I remember that she used to make cocoa in this jug, which also has a lid to keep the cocoa warm. I always loved the shape and colour of this jug, so it was an easy choice for part of this stlll life oil painting. The white gravy jug, which I have used for the daisies, belonged to my mother in law. Materials: Oil on canvas board. Size: 46cm x 33cm


Nureeya Panichnok said...

Hi Snadra,
I love this painting...
It's beauty!!!!
I think that it is a beautiful tribute to your mother too!!!

Sandy said...

Thank you very much Nureeya. I am so pleased that you stopped by to comment. This painting is indeed a tribute to my mother,flowers and all...she was a very keen gardener.