Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daisy Chain

It seems that when I am am having trouble getting back into painting mode...I relax and paint daisies. No doubt there is some deep and meaningful reason why I do this , but so far I haven't discovered what that reason is. In the meantime I get to enjoy the processes and feel free to relax and enjoy myself... Materials: Mixed media on Arches rough 300gsm


Judy-Joy Bell said...

I really like this picture. The texture is amazing. What a way to "get back into it"

Love JJ

perugina said...

Let's not question why dear Sandra.. main thing is you are painting and enjoying when it finally comes.
Your Daisy Chain is delightful.
un abbraccio - hugs

Sandy said...

Thank you JJ. I am afraid I am not very consistent...somehow the day goes and I haven't done half of what I intended.

Hi Patricia, Thank you...I am pleased that you like this was fun to do.However, as I said to JJ I am not consistent...probably "organised" would be a better word.
I really need to put more time aside on a daily basis.
I have so many worthy topics in mind, but the day seems to go and

ACE Soft said...

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Sandy said...

Thank you Ace Soft...nice to get your comments.