Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look...I'm Hanging in a Major Gallery!

Modern Art Museum
Museum by
What a lot of fun this is! My watercolour of roses in a major (pretend) gallery!



How good is this!
Congratulations Sandra, knew it was only a matter of time... Gallery of New York is it?
Those roses look fantastic framed like that... and you have taken large format into another dimension. This is super sized! Love it.

Sandy said...

Thanks's a bit of fun isn't it? Not gallery of New York ...Melbourne , I think!!!

Sandy Maudlin said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Awesome. Congratulations - and the painting is so impressive.

Sandy said...

Thanks Sandy....I had forgotten about this certainly looks much more impressive here ..even if it is a pretend Gallery

Sandy said...

Wow, these look gorgeous!! They SHOULD be hanging there.


Sandy said...

Hi Sandy ( goodness, there are lots of us... Sandy's that is) Thanks for your comment on my certainly looks impressive in that setting doesn't it?

David Burge said...

Carolyn Brady painted miniatures compared to this monster.

You must have a big roll Sandy..

Imagine...well maybe 1/2 this size would suffice on the impact scale.

Sandy said...

Yes the impact would be ok on a much smaller scale...although after seeing the "Archibald" at Bendigo (only Victorian Regional Gallery to stage show)It seems BIG is really least for portraits!!!