Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday on the River

Our local Art Society is making paintings to sell so that we can help save this historic old bridge.The bridge over the Goulburn River, is on the old route into town SOLD


Anonymous said...

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Sandy, you latest painting is just beautiful, i especially love the water, it looks so real.
Congratulations, and i hope the Society raises enough money to help with saving these historical bridges... we need to hang onto these gems of the past as there are few in our short history.

Sandy said...

Thank you pereugina...I hope the general public is as supportive as you are.

David Burge said...

Hey this water is "likeable".....not sure about TV de LCD's comment though??

Re Perugina's comment....do you still have water over there?
I was thinking bridges were becoming redundant.

Nice work Sandy!!

Sandy said...

Thanks David!
Yes we have water...not much but the river still flows because 'they' release water from Eildon to flow down the Goulburn...I think it is as much a psycological exercise as anything else...no rain is so depressing...the river flow seems to keep people "happy"